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Have you ever posted about how the Western world plundered the 3rd World to become rich? I dislike Islam also, but why is your outrage so selective?


After reading one of the other comments, I was expecting rabid crap, but no - the link is to something very much in the middle, but then everyone who stands in the middle is called a fascist by the people at both extremes. What is bizarre is that so many people place themselves at both those extremes instead of processing the evidence properly and following the path that minimises harm. Those who seek to fill the West up with harmless Muslims are building something that they must realise they can't control and which will inevitably lead to massive genocides in which most of those harmless Muslims will become victims when the minority of extremists amongst them start to assert their power. History shows us that it always ends in genocide, so why are they doing it yet again? The experiment has been done many times in the past, and it either ends up with a massive conflict or a takeover. I don't think for a moment that it will be a takeover this time though. It will much more likely end up turning into a worldwide extermination of all Muslims. China wants that. Russia wants that. Vast numbers of people being pushed to the right in Europe and the US want that too, so what's going to stop it. That's the big question people should be asking now. What do you think will happen when all four powers are aligned with the same aims?

If I wanted all Muslims to be wiped out, I'd be supporting the left on this and wouldn't want to put out a word of warning about it at all, because that's exactly what they're unwittingly setting things up for. I'd certainly like Islam to disappear because it's packed full of viciousness which has driven millions of murders (as have many other vile ideologies which I'd also like to see disappear), but I don't want that to be achieved by killing any of the hapless carriers of that hate. There has to be a better way, and until it's found, there need to be clear territorial divides kept between populations such that they aren't in a position to turn everything to chaos. If you want to test the peaceful Muslims in the West, it's really simple. Some say they're peaceful while others say they're bigots, but who's right? Go and burn a hundred copies of the Bible outside a church and see what happens. If a Christian comes up to you, it'll just be to ask you why you're burning your books. Then repeat the experiment with a single Qur'an outside a mosque and see what happens when the people rush out to greet you. All those lefties know full well that this second experiment would result in a riot and deaths precisely because you are not dealing with peaceful people. You're dealing with propagators of holy hate who keep loading it into the minds of the kinds of people who turn it into terrorism because they interpret it as meaning exactly what it says. They are completely unwitting in this, not believing that the hate is hate. Even the terrorists are highly principled people who genuinely believe they're doing the right thing - that is why they are prepared to die while killing others. They kill for God. Those who don't understand that the terrorism is Islam and not a perversion of it have completely misjudged the whole issue. Read the Qur'an from cover to cover to inform yourselves. That's what they want you to do (so that it takes over your mind), and that's what I want you to do (so that you find out what Islam actually is).

Every time I put out a warning like this, someone shouts the fascist word at me because they don't have enough braincells to process correctly what I'm saying. It's precisely because I'm not a fascist that I'm saying this. I'm trying to prevent those lefties from setting up the biggest genocide of all time. It would be immoral for me just to stay silent and let them get on with it. They have absolutely no plan to handle it all when it goes wrong.


Makes you wonder why that idiot Biden wants to lift the travel ban against those from certain Muslim countries. Just what we need some more Islamic radicals in the US.


You should start a group for anti-Arab racism, so we all don't all need to read your crap.




We are also set to colonize Mars but I don't see this as anytime soon. In the meantime maybe we can live peaceable with Islam. Education is a key to co-existence.


Just like radical Christianity.


Christianity is doing a good job of Plaguing and Plundering the world as well. Do not focus on Islam and forget the Christians or they will get you when you are not looking.

It's the christians that generally do the backstabbing. They lure you into their fold and put the knife in. This in broad daylight. Ask me. I supposedly lived in a christian country called South Africa, the christians pushed all the inhabitants on the outskirts country and stole everything for their greedy self. We had to say the effen "lord's prayer" in school assembly. Look who's packing your courts, catholic judges with kitchen - floor - mentality, bear 15 children to serve your man and drown in filth because climate change is supposedly not real.


It is difficult to understand why leftists tolerate and even encourage Islam.

Hmmm it’s tricky, like Christians there are many Muslims that are moderate in their practices and seem to fit into the Countries that that immigrated to, there is part of the Koran that says they should respect the rules of the Country they are in. Of course religious people do have a tendency to cherry pick their lores, so it’s a bit of a worry. I certainly wouldn’t want to live by any religious books, if I can help it.


@PBuck0145 And because you read this on the internet, you think it is true? You believe that close to one billion muslims walk in lock step, while over one billion christians some how have a wide range of beliefs from very strict to quite liberal. That is not logical. Each group has a wide range of views. Muslims (as do christians) fight like dogs and cats between them selves. Ahh oh yes, I remember who you are @PBuck0145. You are a narrow minded right wing bigot yourself, so of course you believe that everyone who is not in 100% agreement with you fits in a category of "enemies" whom "all think alike" and are in a "grand conspiracy" in opposition to your narrow point of view. The world is amazing simple to analyze when your mind is narrow. Oh, don't forget to cast your vote for tRump, who if he wins will totally dismantle what ever simulance of democracy is left in our country. You must feel proud to be a supporter of the destruction of america. Aren't you special.

@creative51 It is impressive that you know how and what I think. Such a godlike power.
It would be blasphemous for me to characterize your comment as being a straw man argument.

@PBuck0145 You would not know or understand a strawman argument if it bit you in your ass. Speaking of which, that is what you are.

@creative51 Mea maxima culpa. I beseech you for absolution.

@PBuck0145 well I hope, as @creative51 has suggested, that this opinion is wrong. But honestly I hope we never find out. I know that some women here wear a headscarf not because the Koran or men tell them too, but because they want to be identified and feel proud to be Muslim.
But to be honest being in various areas of England feeling I’m not dressed properly in the Summer does make me feel uncomfortable and the fact that this is apparently because some men aren’t expected to have self control/ feel they cannot control themselves is concerning.
Having nearly been abducted by a dozen men, ( that had coffee coloured skin) from a nightclub in my 20’s and later finding out that there are big, ‘nightclubs’ in some a rab Countries where women are commodities. Knowing that other Countries are now showing an interest in promoting, or at least normalising Islam in the UK.
Yet the Muslim people that I have studied and worked with continue to be friendly and respectful, so it’s incongruous in my mind right now. I’m happy to be with good people...I do not want them to make me live life like they do or be judged by them.

@girlwithsmiles Some men, regardless of religion, act very much like pigs, when around women. This is found everywhere in the world, where those men think they can get away with it. It is not a problem because of religion, it is a problem because of men. (For your information I am a man).

Tunnel vision. Islam may have potential to be more of a threat to us down the road, but Christianity is the bigger threat now because it's here and permeating all parts of our life, including the government.

@creative51 that’s true I suppose. When put in context it makes their way of covering up their ladies much more respectful. Thank you for the input.

For those "objective free-thinkers" who assert that Christianity is currently a bigger threat than is Islam:

Because they tend to vote for the leftist. It’s all about power.

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