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LINK Why Democrats Are Donkeys and Republicans Are Elephants

". . . Most Americans would be surprised to learn that both political symbols (as well as Santa Claus and Uncle Sam) were popularized, and given their modern forms, by the same maverick cartoonist."

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with these symbols? What other better symbols for the parties could replace them? You're allowed to be as creative as you like.

AnonySchmoose 8 Nov 4

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I can't answer the questions, but I like the drawing. I would like to see more of his work. Thanks for posting.


When I’m pissed, Dems are dumb and Repubs are cruel.

When I’m cool, Dems have to learn how to play hardball. Repubs excel at it.

I share your sentiments about America's two-party system.
Dumb, perverse underachievers with multiple terms.


I thought it was because elephants shit more and we have to clean it up

Yeah, well, the status quo has turned out to be like that. Elephants themselves are intelligent, warmhearted creatures, unlike Repubs.


I’m not in a party, I want options.
My ex was a Republican so I registered as a Republican too so I could vote in the Republican primary for someone who couldn’t win the main election to offset the vote my ex cast.
When I voted for Obama it was divorce time.

Sounds quite difficult to be patient with that.
Am glad you got the chance to be free.


Republican: Venomous snakes are evil and sneaky.

Democrat (me): Elephants are intelligent and empathetic.

Good choices.
Often wondered why the democrats didn't favor the elephant.
If only we could make the venomous snake the Repubs' symbol,


How bout Dumb & Dumber?

Exactly my sentiments about the two-party system. Thanks!


Beavis and Butt-Head are good caricatures.

or Bert and Ernie

Beavis and Butthead embody my contempt for the two parties, which rarely achieve anything of true value for the citizens.

@powder Bert and Ernie are too cute to stand for that.

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