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LINK Pastor: God Is “Not Happy” with What Voters Are Doing to Donald Trump | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Pastor George Pearsons once claimed that babies in his church “were lifting up their hands” in worship — “All of them!” — during one of his services. He said this because he’s a Christian liar.

Naturally, we shouldn’t take him seriously when he says he’s channeling God regarding the election. But on Wednesday, during election coverage on the Victory Channel, Pearson claimed God was very unhappy with the results.

snytiger6 9 Nov 6

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Like who cares what this idiot or God has to say about anything? Obviously the only way to get any response from him that would make and sense would involved Dollars.


Fucking God, that bastard's never happy with anything.


I wish I was answering this with my phone for I could use nausea emojis.


God should have voted.

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