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If humanity could get past religion and politics, what do you think it should focus on instead?

What's the direction we should should have been headed towards by now?

summatyme 5 Nov 7

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Muslims Hindi Jains & Shinto are not liberalizing while xians are keeping both popes out of jail so zionists USA still rules the planet.... global Greens are growing and the sooner demonRATs switch to Atheist Howie Hawkins USA can stop wasting trillions on illegal wars and grow the Green New Deal of 2010 by Howie Hawkins....plagiarizing Greens is the least of the crimes of criminal theocrat BidenS with 6 catholics on the US Sup Ct


We need free college, it's the best way to invest in your citizens.
We need universal single payer health coverage, uncouple this from employment!
We need to remove all privatization in prisons, this is a job that can't be done for profit!
We need to rebuild the post office after the Trumpster tore it up.
We need to retrain insurance people to do something else.
We need to understand that a meritocracy never works on merit.
We need to understand that there will always be people that can't work, and that's no reflection on their worth. With automation we should be moving to a more relaxed society.
Finally when someone says the problem is government don't fucking vote for them, if government is the problem then they aren't qualified to hold the position, period. When such people are in office they'll break government to validate their claims that the government is broken.

3 the best sense. Is everyone fed and housed? Is everyone living to their potential? What can we do to make life better for others? Where does creativity fit into our community?


Easy, in life. The right scientific facts direction.


I don't think H.sapiens will ever get past religion and politics, short of going feral or getting a lot better at genetic manipulation. Civilization requires two things (among possible others): 1. A culture that restrains some of our evolved animal instincts (religion), and 2. A means of managing the distribution of power (politics).

A perhaps reasonable next goal might be to reform religion and politics to meet scientific standards, instead of allowing both to be ruled by emotions.

skado Level 9 Nov 7, 2020

ppulation control, stopping the ecological pesk which is us, saving the planet for the rest of life


The reason we keep focusing on politics and religion is because we prefer to stay in denial over the state of our life support system. It was once said no matter what your concern it is a lost concern if we don't come to grips with overpopulation. That holds even more true today.


Brick homes, business and property for everyone on Earth built by true masons. Free from: mortgage, rent, taxation, governmental terrorism. and religious oppression.

Education for everyone on Earth free from: tuition, fees and loans. There should be an educational-invention institution on every street corner to allow for all people animals to enjoy the fullness of intellectual capabilities of all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, skill, craft, trade and college certification of any kind the one major thing that separates people animals from any other known creature. Everyone should have true freedom to do things with their life, learn, build, make, create, teach and laws of capital justice punishment for anyone that opposes it.

Free medical services for everyone on Earth because everyone could be educated as a doctor of every kind and every would be able to get any medical care free from cost, fees and indebtedness and laws of capital justice punishment for anyone that opposes it.

True freedom for everyone on Earth to be free from Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshipper capitalism slavery and each person have a bank account of a million, billion, trillion unlimited dollars so that money is not an issue or an enslavement for anyone.

Then, abortion or reproductive prevention for everyone because people are being forced to exist because of what their parents did and no one asked to exist in the first place. Forced existence must come to an end and laws of capital justice punishment for anyone that opposes it. Supposingly, we would only have a few billion years before the Sun explodes or expands into a red giant star and burns everything up anyways. Either way, once and for all everyone will be able to be in non-existance with the non-existent flying spaghetti monster sky God for ever and ever and never have to worry about this pathetic crap ever again.

Word Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

Whatcha been smoking Bo?


Lots of good answers here already, but I imagine we would be far far ahead in the pursuit of knowledge had the dark ages, etc. never happened.


Humanity is already focused on many worthwhile endeavors; religion is just an annoying and dangerous distraction. Politics is a noble work that when done right results in the resolution and prevention of conflicts. And it is such a noble activity that not even the most corrupt politicians have been able to stain it.


Saving this planet and all of the plants and animals on it by teaching naturalism, ecology, conservationism and environmentalism.


Saving the planet we all live on.

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