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LINK Immigrants are not surprised by the Latino vote

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I find these points illuminating:

In Russian-American communities, support for Trump is rampant ... Here’s the line of thinking among many from the former Soviet community, but may apply to immigrants from other authoritarian regimes:

  • Support for America was forbidden. All of the problems of the world were blamed on the US.
  • Support for capitalism was illegal, yet everybody they knew was poor.
  • As immigrants and refugees started leaving the former USSR states in the eighties and nineties, they heard pro-American sentiment for the first time.
  • Upon arriving in the west, they realized how much higher the standard of living in the west is.
  • They equate the high standard of living with capitalism.

For many American liberals, who have been pledging allegiance to the flag since childhood, educated to believe in the American Dream and American exceptionalism, seeing faults in “the system” has been liberating. They see themselves as messengers of equality and anti-racism and don’t understand why any immigrants, especially those that are brown-skinned, would refuse to vote for their candidate. But you see — in regimes like the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, China, and Vietnam, messages for proletariat liberation have often led to authoritarian despotic governments. Ethnic and racial quotas led to discrimination and repression of minorities, not liberation. Many are extremely weary of leftist populist messages because they have permanent scars, either from their own experiences or that of their families, of being brutalized by regimes which increased the government’s control of everything.

My parents do not support Donald Trump, but when Barack Obama was campaigning for the 2008 presidency, running on a platform of change and creating a government healthcare system, my father, scarred from having to wait in breadlines, who saw family members being refused vital surgeries, vehemently opposed it.

... If argued in the right way, some Democrat social policies could end up saving money in the long run because they address issues that otherwise would be very expensive to fix. It is easier to fix a crumbling building in need of repairs than to wait for it to collapse and rebuild entirely.

altschmerz 9 Nov 7

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So they just stick with the authoritarians?
In Russia the left is authoritarian, in the West it’s the right.
They turn Democratic Socialist into Communism and Conservatives into Fascist.
To rebel is to fight authority that has no purpose.
Police have authority to ticket, they have to have that authority, and in extreme circumstances when there’s no other choice we give them the right to use potentially lethal force hoping it’s never used. We were betrayed to find lethal force was being used on people already subdued, but Trump wanted the police to be more brutal in public speech after public speech. That’s authoritarian, obedience by brutality, he’s no better than Putin, just a quarter of the intelligence.

There's definitely some psychological disconnect between their perception and the reality on the ground. Perhaps it's a form of PTSD.


It works give it time


I agree that immigrants perceive 'democracy in America' through the lenses of the countries where they originated. I agree that progressives should not advocate socialism, but social democracy. They should explain to immigrant populations that in "a liberal society, free market, and a welfare state, you need [ precisely those ] three things, and that’s not what people (especially many immigrants) think about socialism."

My SO came from Cuba in 1963. He and his family had been pro-Castro, though after Castro took power, he realized how unfree Cuba still was for disempowered average citizens. When he spoke up about that, he was in danger of being reported by the self-appointed secret police neighbors. Many well-to-do Cubans who immigrated to Miami were still pro-Bautista ( that right-wing, corrupt and violent dictator ). Those who at first had been pro-Castro, became disillusioned by the promises, lies, and corruption that came from both Bautista's and Castro's governments, and decided to leave, which wasn't easy for them to do. My SO now strongly favors social democracy, and is dismayed by the ignorance of so many in America.

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