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They called it! It's finally over. Biden is president-elect. Now the real shitstorm will start bcuz Trump isn't the kind to take this like a reasonable mature adult. Get ready for the most epic temper tantrum, in human history to start.

  • Will he refuse to leave?
  • Will the Sec Srv have to eject him from the WH?
  • Will he concede?
  • Will he transition peacefully?

Stay tuned for all the fun.

Sgt_Spanky 8 Nov 7

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This is the last great Trump lie to fail.
There will be limp arguments then nothing, Tump is was and always will be a pussy, all bullies are.
This is over, vanilla isis is far more concerning.

Trump's history doesn't bear that out. His typical response to not getting his way is loud and childish. They just took his favorite toy away from him, there's going to be a major tantrum.

@Sgt_Spanky I know, but it will be no more effective then a child’s tantrum. The courts have already sent them away on dozens of BS claims. Trumps tears are only there for entertainment purposes and I’m not entertained, just relieved.

@Willow_Wisp I'm relieved and entertained. Trump's rage will be like a delicious dessert I've waited four years to enjoy.


Stay tuned! The Trumpytantrum is about to start!

It's gonna be epic! This is going to be the most entertaining thing on TV for months to come.

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