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LINK Conservative Christians Are Praying to Change the Election Outcome

God's will isn't good enough for the MAGA cult.

snytiger6 9 Nov 7

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Trump proved one thing to me. Half of America is white supremacist racists and do not even know it. This is why Conservative Christians are so dangerous. Some in my town even told me that Jesus would not be happy with all the giveaways today. I'm not sure what bible they were reading. Electoral votes do not get a re-do.

I'd say more like 40 %. The other 10 % are uncaring, money grubbers who just want to line their pockets and saw tRump as the easiest way.

@Beowulfsfriend There are some idiots who are guilty of celebrity worship, who dont' fall into the other two categories. However there is some overlap of the three categories too.

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