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Let's play truth or atheism?

Your life depends on your statement to denounce atheism and/or agnosticism. You could claim anything to be a god so long as you would not claim to be atheist or agnostic. You are allowed to lie against any knowledge that you think you have so long as you make a clear statement that something "god" exist some where, some how even though you do not have to know, admit or describe how anything god exist.

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Word 8 Nov 9

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Something like...And, it's not even that big of a lie. Cats demand worship in their own way. Let me run the holy can opener and prepare thy offering.

You are a third person that has attributed that worship be associated with labeling something god.

I think I could say, the over pass that cars drive on in the other county is a God. I have never driven it, but it is a God that exist. No worship required. I get to live out my natural life.

@Word I have no problem lying in the pursuit of saving my own or other's lives. Just saying, if I have to pick a god, it's cats. And, there's already precedent set by the ancient Egyptians.

@OldMetalHead biblical text established that people are gods, this is how a Christian says they are a God by calling themselves "child of god" it is like the Christian is claiming to be a god in a child stage like a Caterpillar stage of a butterfly. .

@Word Well, we're about the sorriest excuse for gods I can imagine. We aren't even proper caretakers of Earth. Then again, the god of the bible is worse.

@OldMetalHead philosophy of the biblical text is that "mankind" fell short of the "glory" of being recognized as a Gods. Sin translated back to original language meant falling short or missing the mark. Not doing good enough. The redemption theme is that Jesus fixed the problem of mankind being gods and restored them to God ship status.

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods john 10:34

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