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Bcz u know , hunting is a sport .
I believe chronic anger , resentment , rejection , and an infinite need to stand out at any cost are a sport too . Here are two assholes that are good at it .
Eewww 🤢

Pralina1 8 Nov 10

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What pleasure do they get out of killing these periods cats. This is a coward hunt.


fuck yes


The way a person treats animals tells me all I need to know about their character

This 🙌


trump and the obstructionist republican fascists have all but destroyed the Endanger Species Act!!!

These are just inhuman white trash, if they will do that to helpless defenseless animals!!!

What are these Obstructionist republican fascists capable of doing to us???

They have and are already proving we are nothing but trash to them to be killed and slaughter just like the factory farms they support and own!!!

Covin19 is their latest culling tool for the elderly, impaired, disabled, and minorities!!!

Yeah . Pretty much . Garbage .


Suddenly after Trump took office they wanted to remove the restrictions on importing Ivory.

Of course . But his base have no such worries . If does not affect their beer or their bbq ribs tonight , ( if u know what I mean ), then , “ what’s the problem “. 🤢🤢🤢

@Pralina1 Trump, all of them except Mary just suck.

Our society is very complicated. I think that there is no place in our world for trophy hunting. But in some cases, hunting for food is far more humane than raising a animals for slaughter in a CAFO.
I have elected to forgo eating almost all animal products for the last year.

@BDair I see your point and Joanne point as well . I have hard x see it in application , but my logic says that u are right .
Trophy hunting is out of the question , I don’t give that any freeby in my book .
Recently a 14 yr old girl asked me “ ok Ms mara , let’s say u had to choose to date betwn a believer to any god and a hunter , like a deer hunter” ( her grandad hunts deers ).
I told her “ none “
Said , “ no , u have to , chose one “.
I told her , ok , I ll take the believer idiot . There is a chance , if I put effort and time and energy , I can show him better and open his eyes and brains . I can’t change murder instinct , I can’t change someone’s desire and ability to shoot on anything that moves and has eyes “.
I eat meat . I haven’t decided yet if I am a hypocrite afterall or just plain stupid and mean 🙁.
I don’t think it makes a difference to the cow if she is happy for few months when at the end she will be killed anyways to feed me . I don’t know 🙁
I know that besides the essentials to survive , I try to not take more than I give I guess . Hunting for trophy is murder , and hunting deers and bunnies and such for my table is not needed it ? But I am sure I have no idea what I am talking about , I have friends north that say deers are everywhere etc .


Time to dislike the macho assholes , I quit that years ago and was never for a trophy, just can't stand killing

Same .


There is a world of difference between hunting for food and hunting solely for the thrill of killing--especially when it involves threatened or endangered animals.

I ve been all over USA in the 25 yr I ve been here . As x military wife , as a traveling nurse , as a person that likes to pack a bag and go . I have been to the woods and the little villages as I call them , I have not found a place yet that grocery store wasn’t available . There is food . Cheap too .
Much cheeper to get a bunch of chicken at the store than bullets , gun , gear and anything else to hunt for “ food “.
Hunting is satisfying murder instinct in my book .

@Pralina1 Have you considered the life that chicken in the store endured? The conditions in which it was raised, with no chance at all of escaping death? The odds are it had a very short, very miserable, life.

Some hunting has to be done to control populations. Otherwise these animals will be taken out by disease and starvation--not a pleasant way to go. Less pleasant than a quick death by a bullet.

We are animals. We have an instinct to hunt (as a species). That is not evil. What is evil is the way animals are treated and that we will kill animals solely for sport and hunt animals to extinction.

I do not, and could never, hunt, btw. I quit eating mammals a few years ago. I still eat a little chicken and turkey and what little seafood I like; but, I am eating less and less of these and more often than not I eat vegetarian meals.

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