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Oh crap, now that I'm no longer a Christian, I don't get to enjoy the curse!


Damn . Hell is getting very crowded lately , just my luck . 🦇🙄

Bring plenty of snacks.....I'll be driving the bus. 😉😉

@Lavergne I talked to satan in person this morning , said change of plan . Forget about the bus, first class tickets and direct flight 🙌🦇. For me . U are the pilot 😂😂😂

Party time

We may need to look for another location.

@Sticks48 texas ?? Hot enough !!!

sounds like a plan....I've got my hooker heels and a brand new pitchfork (rural king had them on sale)...hehehehehehehe

@Pralina1 Well at least I won't have to move.

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