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You know, I’m kind of surprised. I didn’t know this about myself. But I just realized that I’m somewhat relieved at being 100% isolated from human contact instead of my usual 98%.

I guess all I really need is the virtual company of all the best minds in the world.

Thanks. ❤️

skado 9 Nov 14

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Fortunately I have a best friend who lives practically next door, and in the UK you are allowed to form mutual dependency bubbles. But I just had a conversation with marionville on one of her posts, about the dangers. []


My lifestyle has barely changed during the pandemic.

So very much my story. About the only difference for me is I now have things shipped to the house instead of going out to stores, but I actually like that better, now that I've tried it. I do miss visiting with all three of my friends, but we get together once a week on video chat, so... not too horrible.

I have three or four friends who are quite solitary and wear masks. We've gotten together about once a week in the garden for lunch and a couple hours of conversation.

My email friends have felt the need to communicate more since the pandemic. If anything has changed, it is that I have more communication with friends.

I grocery shop very early or very late in the day, when there are few people. Am careful wearing mask, not touching face, cleaning hands, and distancing. I don't feel it is an inconvenience.


I'm with you !!!!


Same 🙌
Besides traveling alone , I have missed nothing .


Sadly you have to settle for us.

It has truly been my pleasure.


An introvert eh? Pretty much the same here, after awhile human beings get to be too much. Look at it this way... online interactions run no risk of transmitting diseases to one another.

My thoughts exactly.


It's easy once you come to the conclusion that people basically suck.

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