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Be your own god.

I love all of you and I know that you all know not what you say. (cliche, I know) Fellow people, do not quibble about trivial things. Deep within we know anger comes from our ill-conceived foresight. It's ill-conceived, and rationally so, given the context of current jealous and fearful world we're living in. Fear not when it seems like a hopeless world, as this awareness is sometimes necessary to reflect upon oneself and forgive and find ways to reason. There may not be a definitive way to solve arguments. If we knew the answer to all of life's questions, what would be the point to anything? Trust in yourself. Not a god, because what’s god?

Jarucker 5 Nov 27

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You need to learn to write with precision, clarity and direct linage between thoughts. People would then understand directly what you are trying to say.

I posted in philosophy. This is just a general statement not about anything specific.

Beginning: We should try to love everyone, even though we sometimes hate the things they do or say

Middle: There is anger and hate and because of ill conceived foresight, in my opinion.
We should become aware of why we become angry so we can reflect on it to move forward.

Last: trust yourself


Pardon my ignorance, but what's your point?

Not really a point, but rather a way to help people believe in themselves than something outside of themselves. Self motivation I guess.

@JeremyRucker One of the reasons people like to come to a place like this is to be free of the proselytizing we can find almost everywhere else on the internet.
Surely there are other places you could find to help "motivate" people.

Sorry guys, I’m kind of a strange person. I’ll still give people compliments and try to help people in any way I can emotionally or otherwise, and sorry if it seems like I’m proselytizing. I don’t fit in with atheists or theists apparently. Lol.

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