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Is anyone a member of the Satanic Temple?
I'm not a member but a subscribe and get emails.
They do a lot to keep religious BS out of public places.

DavePeet 5 Nov 15

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I'm a member.
They are not satanists. They are not affiliated with the church of satan, or what's-his-name.

I don't like some of their symbolism, but their work is second to none in advocating for reason and science.


I don’t like satanism because it’s still a part of the Abrahamic realm. But we pagans have Pan who kinda feels the Satan spot.

you do not know about the satanic temple then. They are not satanists.

Why call your self Satanist if you don’t believe in Satan? I like tenet 7 though

@SocialDarwin I don't call myself a Satanist. I am a member of the Satanic Temple, not a Satanist. The Satanic Temple chose their name (I am guessing here) for two reasons: to irk the religious, and to be recognized as an actual religious group. Per their own writings, they have nothing to do with the church of satan. They are activists to keep church and state separate.

If christians attempt to have their religious items included where they shouldn't be, then the satanic temple can also have their religious items (which are according to their 7 tenets) included by definition. That gives many lawmakers pause, because they don't mind a christian influence, but hesitate to have anything with 'satan' included too.


They always have!!!

Just like the Church of Satan!!!

At lease when Aston was high priest!!!

you do not know about the satanic temple then. They are not satanists.
They are not affiliated with the church of satan.


I never did they were or did!!!


No, but back in the late 70's in San Diego I got invited to spend time with a local leader and his wife. They appeared like an old hippie couple who ran an antique clothing business and supplied the costumes for three acting companies. They had a very nice place and great pot. They always had huge meals with any hungry people invited to eat with them. In some ways, their aspects of their religion mirrored what I had seen in more liberal xtions. They were decent folk, but I didn't need their religion anymore than I needed the xtions.


I am not but that’s great to know that they are doing
wonderful things. I do know that they are all about reproductive rights.


Hey, maybe you might like to try what we, the old style Aussies call " Bush Baptists."
NO, it is definitely NOT religiously based in any way, shape or form btw.
Though there ARE a number of Steps you need to take to become a 'Bush Baptist" they include,
Learn to swear Aussie Outback style,
Learn to use the 'Aussie Salute' during the Spring, Summer and Autumn "Fly Seasons",
Build and start a good campfire,
Boil the Billy and make good Aussie style "Billy tea",
Cook Damper in the coals of the campfire,
Catch, skin, gut and cook your own rabbit/s, etc, and when you've done all of that,
Learn what a Swaggie's breakfast is.


I found the protect children project through the satanic temple. It seems Satanists have more legal protection. I've considered the idea of becoming a member.


I am not a memeber since I would never want to be a part of any congregation but I have only heard good things about them 🤷♀️


I've been a member for well over a year.

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