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Who believes Trump will run for office in 2024


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Unity 7 Nov 16

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Can't run from prison

Actually, that's not true. Eugene Debs, the labor leader, ran from prison on the Socialist Party ticket and got a few million votes.


Too early to know. I suppose it might well depend on whether he gets prosecuted for his crimes or not and is convicted, pardoned, whatever..


Nobody can predict the future, but the best we can do is look at the past and make our best guess based on that.

In the past when he has royally screwed something up (which he has done often) his pattern has NOT been to correct his mistakes and try again, because his instincts are not to serve, but are based in idle opportunism.

His pattern is to bail and leave everyone else holding the bag.

I bet he bails and looks for the next easy mark.

And if it appears to him that 24 is the next easy mark, I bet the voters won’t fall for it a second time, just as they refused in 20.

skado Level 9 Nov 16, 2020

I am hoping he will be in prison by then.

So am I


I doubt it. He will keep saying this to keep his followers behind him. He needs their money. I don't think he wants to gamble on losing twice. He would not be able to handle that.

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