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I think that all grocery store workers should get hazardous pay.
If not for grocery stores we will starve. Amazon can only get you so far.
These cashiers are exposing themselves to covid. Then customers are mean
and rude to them. My teenage niece is a cashier. A customer called her cunt today
because the lines were backed up. That's not her fault.

Secur 4 Nov 18

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That wouldn't go over in Philly. I can't imagine anyone doing that at a store. That person had to be mentally ill. You don't feel like waiting? Leave. People suck. If someone yelled that at a teenage girl I'd open up his head with a can of peaches. Cling preaches.

People are very inconsiderate.


agreed, and I've told off customers that did that to the cashier before.


I agree about hazard pay. And I’d like to stick my foot out as that arsehole passes by me. What a thing to say to anyone, let alone a child. 🤬


That’s terrible she’s just a kid!!
What’s sad is that the grown adults are
supposed to set the example. Is this her
first job?
In this experience it might help her
to create coping skills. It will help her to adapt
to tough situations. Emotional intelligence will be
her super power. In the end name calling
will not even face her. 😃
I agree that they all should get hazardous pay.
Maybe all should get together and form a plan of action. They are very much needed.

Yes is her first job. Thank you that's great advice.


Please convey to your niece that the customer who said that had a problem before they ever entered the store. A decent human being would not have said such a thing. Very, very sorry. Yes to hazard pay. Appreciation to your niece.


It doesn't make it much easier that they are expected to be bouncers and throw out inbred Trump supporters who refuse to wear masks.

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