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Christopher Hitchens

Why is there a picture of Christopher Hitchens on my profile? Does it go with level 6? Thanks!

Archer 7 Apr 11

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Now he's gone. WTH.

Hmmm, odd. Ironically I've been watching countless past interviews and debates involving Hitchens the last two weeks, but nothing showed up on my page/profile. Maybe it's some kinda social media ghost! 😛

@Nemosson that explains it. So after two weeks of watching him, what are your thoughts?

Intelligent athiest who knows how to slam the door on deluted pias religious folk.

@Nemosson and from what I've read was racist and sexist. Did you get that impression too?

@Archer not from any tv stuff I saw on him,but subject matter was strictly about religious debate. Do not like racism,or sexist behavior. Will look into that...

@Nemosson What should I read first?

@Archer stuff I've seen is YouTube clips of tv debates. I should be asking you what I should read that exposes his racist/sexist tendencies.

@Nemosson mostly YouTube's. I'll pull them up.


I noticed it the other day, too. I was kinda surprised and mystified. I figured it would be made clear soon, or soon enough.


Not sure, I just hit level 6,and I didn't get anything.

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