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When is it time to give up and move on?

So I'm moved to a new city and I'm trying to date via dating apps bc I don't know anyone. Started talking to this girl and she's already flaked once on meeting me. Keeps wanting to talk but won't commit to meeting me in person. It's been about a week now. Am I being too impatient by wanting to move on?

By WilliamBC3
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Give it one more try. If nothing happens, it's likely that she's not interested. Girls who are interested will decline a date once (due to many reasons), but will make time for the next one. Ask when she's are available. If she doesn't make time for you, why give her any of your time?

SamKerry Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

I would be like either you want to meet me or not ?


Sure..try a lot of people. One of them is sure to show up.

The no-show girl may have lied on her profile, or have a ten-year-old profile photo up, depicting her about 100 pounds lighter than she is currently.


IMO, all things being equal, if you don't meet with me within 2 weeks, you aren't serious about meeting. I feel that way because that's what the stats are. Why fight science?


If you're asking, it's probably time.


Back to your question! It has only been a week! You just got to this city which means you are Really a stranger! Pressuring her to meet you is most likely scaring her...lighten up!


When the pain outweighs the pleasure. When I am so upset but trying to ignore it that I find myself yelling at my 11 lb dogs for...nothing. When I start to feel used, like his Mom, or maybe therapist. When all 'our' time, even apart, is spent worrying about his feelings. And so I dumped the man who made the happiest I have EVER felt in my life......and cried til my face swelled up (Not attractive!!) And know in my soul I did the right thing for me!


I don't really think that the right or wrong answer this question. It's kind of up to you. If you want to wait and see where it goes, wait. If you don't want to wait, don't.


No not at all.


Guys seem to want to move quickly, this can spook a lot of women who may have had crazy people in their past, me included, I need paced and plenty of conversation first.
Give her time if you really have an interest, but keep talking to others.

Qualia Level 8 Apr 11, 2018

Yes, you are.


Maybe give it some time since she may be dealing with things right in front of her and you are still just a virtual friend. Once she meets you in person, then she'll either have a good reason to want to see you again or vanish off your radar.

Julie808 Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

The mating game requires a lot of patience with no guarantees. Flakiness should be seen as a warning. Too many are too quick to jump into a relationship and then wonder what happened when it fails!


Flaking is never a great sign, but I would give her that one as a mulligan and offer to meet in public. If it happens again, in my experience they are cheating on someone and I would strike her off.


Nah. Move on.


I don’t believe there are any hard and fast rules when it come to affairs of the heart. I am the most successful in this area when I remind myself that it’s not about me. People have busy lives, other issues, or just get overwhelmed by the day-to-day. I give people the benefit of the doubt. People are worth it.

arca2027 Level 6 Apr 11, 2018

It doesn't sound like your in an exclusive relationship so I would think you could look on.
I would suggest you put the ball in her court - a message something like - you would like to meet (coffee at a coffee house?) but if it makes her uncomfortable you won't press but that you are looking for more than a digital connection. Or not... thoughts? Find a way to let her know you're moving on.

Donna_I Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

If she's still talking to you and seems interested be patient. Try communicating this to her in a way that doesn't come off as too eager something like "I'm in a similar boat as you, and haven't met anyone online before so let's keep talking until we're comfortable meeting in person."

olicapone Level 5 Apr 11, 2018
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