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[]. Supreme Court rules for religion and against public health. CNN

ADKSparky 8 Dec 3

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wtf is happening to the USA ?. At one time they were an example to the rest of the world in many ways. Now they seem to determined to be a laughing stock.

The USA is already a laughing stock to the world.

This has become a third rate country. Not third world. Sickening and pathetic.


Not surprised


The Supreme Court now positions personal belief over hard scientific facts. Welcome to the madhouse that is the USA.


If they wear mask let them pack the church. No mask, no church. Sadly they will not wear mask and get covid. Then they will spread covid to non church people.

They will spread covid to others outside the church. That's exactly what the Supremes neglected to consider.


Singing is an efficient way to speed the Corona Virus.


Regardless of what ANY court says or rules, we know what the facts are with COVID. Anyone who just goes out in public in denial and just wanders about like ladde de ladde nothing applies to them then I could care less if they drop dead, it just sucks that they can infect others.

Unfortunately, thanks to Republican anti social behavior, this virus was allowed to be spread unabated. It will come a point where masks won’t help much.

@Wisterious I agree with you, but if you have been out and about, most masks people are wearing are no where near surgical quality, or properly worn.


What else do you expect from a hard right leaning court?


We need to even them out. This SC Repub Majority is already not looking good

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