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Is it just me, or are there others here that have been left alone most of this year? I have no family here, so even the so called holidays will be extremely difficult for me,,no one is available to visit me or even talk to me. My phone only rang twice this year,, both wrong numbers. Going anywhere is not going to happen,, too many people are afraid,, can’t even enjoy shopping,,too many rude people yelling at each other if the mask is even touched. What will people do if a real plague hits? They are already panicking to extremes ,,,

Petercuddlebug 5 Dec 15

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Thanks. @Petercuddlebug Unwanted isolation is a bummer. Please do as others have suggested and join some groups on this site with interests in common. You could also join the Zoom gatherings for this group, to see people and hear their voices. In the New York Times’ short love stories column recently, someone mentioned an app (DailUp, I think) that has you call a random person each day, and in exchange, you get a call from someone else. Just short conversations, no sexy stuff, no contact information shared. And how about calling or texting your family? They may be waiting for you to call them.

@UUNJ I have no family..parents both gone, I was an only . That is what makes it harder yet. And even trying to get a date now,,omg..impossible! I’m a great cook and love feeding others. Love and miss feast gatherings. Too much has been reduced to memories,, too many are in hyper panic. But at least I’m safe. I’m keeping busy with my jewelry creations. Once in a while a customer does come,, but it’s not the same. Most are too afraid to even sit for a coffee. So I’m working on more jewelry. I ordered bulk supplies from the factory,,not a local retail. Amazingly though even with the virus,,I’m better this year.

@Petercuddlebug, @UUNJ Now you have each other to talk to? May the Companions of Health, Peace & Fulfilment travel with you throughout 2021

@Petercuddlebug You might contact a local food bank or shelter to see if they can use your cooking. Congratulations on growing your business! I wouldn’t expect a customer to come in for coffee. I see clients on camera over an encrypted website.
My parents are dead and I am on break from contact with my remaining sibling. It would be isolating if I didn’t reach out to social networks and text friends. I hope you can find creative ways to interact with people.


Being alone has only the stigma created by those demanding that you should be partnered. Throughout history it has always been that one third of people never form long long lasting relationships. Many promulgating the purported horrors of being alone are in rality needy codependents kif you don't know who those are are - []

What is most important Peter is that you respect & believe in yourself & your beliefs for your fulfilment not that others demand of you.


I live alone. I don't have any family. I don't have a "bubble" of people I have contact with. This isolation is very familiar for me.


Loneliness is a state of mind that can kill and cripple if you let it!!!

Be mindful that you have to create your own happiness and entertainment!!!

If you depend upon others to make you happy, you will chase it from loneliness still you die of your own mentally fixed loneliness!!!


I'm so sorry you feel so alone. This site does provide lots of companionship to those that reach out.
I hope you will consider finding a way to share your crafting both commercially and as a teacher to young children after the pandemic is safer. I can see that building some satisfying relationships in your future.Hugs 🤗

I do intend that, I did share my knowledge in the past, it’s scary when your closet friend becomes a stranger and no longer even calls. I called and get no response. But complete strangers are better humanitarians. Thank you for the kind words.

@Petercuddlebug I hope your friend is not ill.

@Lorajay nope he is just too afraid,, he walks or drives with a mask, full face shield and glasses with the windows shut on his car that he owned for eight years,,,he wears rubber gloves and uses a brass door pusher and button pusher to use the elevator! Paranoia at his best.


Well, this is actually a real plague, and a lot of people are in the same situation as you seem to be. I sympathize with you because I believe there's a particular edge to the experience of isolating alone, and I've found reaching out to others online to be key to me getting through this past 10 months of living alone.

There are a lot of friendly people on this site that may help fulfill some of your lonliness. Why not check out some of the groups and see if you can connect with someone? Good luck to you, and please know you're not alone.

Just because you are alone does not mean that you will be lonely. Loneliness is a state of mind.

@FrayedBear True, but the OP was indicating that he was bothered by it. There is a difference between being a loner who is comfortable living without another person, as compared to a life devoid of any other human contact.

@Lauren oh, I thought that Peter was complaining that people have become insular resulting in many being alone not that he was discontented with being alone.

@FrayedBear You may well be right. I was mostly going on his comment that "I have no family here, so even the so called holidays will be extremely difficult for me,,no one is available to visit me or even talk to me." But the following sentences could certainly indicate his feelings about society becoming insular. Perhaps he'll explain to us further.

@Lauren I’m devoid of human contact,, for weeks at a time. I’m a loner but when even your friends that have been with you for thirty plus years are not even calling it’s scary. A call I do gets no answer, yet they are on the web,, I get acknowledged but they are very I have no living family. Where on earth I have relatives ended with mom and dad. No clue. But I keep busy creating daily.


Do not worry, Be happy!


I'm fortunate, I keep in touch with friends by text and cell. I do think that this is a real plague, but, then, I've had it. Chat up folks on here...we can be friends no matter distance.


I've been alone for many years, 2020 isn't extraordinary for my isolation.

I’ve been alone since 2000, been a learning curve. Since I prefer crafting versus sports most guys just think I’m weird, and the rare lady is shocked to see my 2 rooms devoted to creating jewelry and other crafts. But this year with the panic mode, my regular visitors are afraid to possibly infect me.


Personal contact is overrated.

Yeah, who needs friends when you've got a bastard like me to keep internet sparring with on your toes?

@FrayedBear That's overrated too.

@barjoe it's also know as aversion therapy like a mate who thinks the sun is lodged in Donald's arse & so starts frothing at the mouth because I don't support his belief enthusiastically. I've now hung up on him 3 times and my phone calls are getting further and further apart. I think he is applying aversion therapy on me!


There's a lot of people that are feeling isolated and alone. You find out who your true friends are when shit hits the fan. The older one gets, the more one realizes what really matters in life. Its nice to have this group site for communication and connecting to others.

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