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retrumplicans are unwitting agents of Putin and the Russians. By disseminating the propaganda conspiracies implanted on social media by the Putin government, the
entirety of the retrumplicans following have become Russian agents provocateurs.

Putin's goal for decades has been to sow discord and confusion in all western Nations, especially the US. Tapping into the growing mistrust of all things governmental and global, a feeling of disenfranchement, and the leading power group losing their hold on white privilege and their fear of being replaced, Putin has recruited an army of willing propaganda agents.

retrumplicans are not very skilled at information verification. They tend not to be skilled at recognizing the validity and veracity of the sources they choose as their sources of information. retrumpliicans are not skilled at recognizing the difference between fact and opinion or undubstantiated editorial. They tend to react before evaluating what they hear.

Putin knows this and his propaganda machine uses this knowledge to disrupt normal political discourse. . When will retrumplicans wake up and realize they are being used?

t1nick 8 Dec 20

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Many of them are knowingly acting in a manner that they know will benefit the Russians. They are not all so stupid as to believe otherwise.


If we ever get our hands on Donald Trump's taxes, what you are saying will become obvious.

@t1nick Trump paid $40 million for a Palm Beach mansion that became unattainable as far maintenance and was worth much less than he paid for it. A Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin, Dimitri Rybolovlev, paid $95 million for it. That's definitely a quid pro quo. They own him.

@t1nick only a small part I'm sure

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