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Are Religion and Philosophy Same?

I kinda think they are. I mean you can have a Philosophy and not believe in a divine creator. But, a philosophy guides the way you interact with society. And I think it would be terrible if we had no GUiDE. And if you are really honest - even atheist adhere to the Default religion/philosophy of the West.

SocialDarwin 5 Dec 23

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No, Religion has no rules for the believers to comply with that are based in reason and logic, Philosophy is based on Phenomenology and Epistemology.


Please refresh your understanding of the meaning of the word "philosophy".


Good philosophy should not and can not follow religion. Because like its child, science, which was once known as Natural Philosophy, it is about the attempt to find truth. Where religion is about the expression of given truth. Moreover, in practice, good philosophy always defers to science and logic, which is not required of religion.


No. All religions are based on philosophies and their theological dogma are built into philosophies. But most philosophies have nothing to do with religion.


Other than making fun of religion, I don't indulge in it like once something is thrown in the garbage, I don't go there. It was a dark and shameful chapter of life.


If you think you don’t, your lying. You follow a a calendar that’s biblical. You wear clothes when it’s a heat wave (which in pure non-biblical terms is insane). You take ONE SPOUSE when every natural cell in your body says you are not monogamous (especially males). Don’t lie. Be truthful. The Biblical god tells you to fight nature.

The calendar is not biblical. In the west people use a variation on the Roman calendar, which was later refined by the Catholic Church, and more resently by science.

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