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Would it be better to exist forever or to never exist at all?


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Albronem 4 Dec 23

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Given the choices given.


If I never existed I could not choose to exist or not exist since I can't retroactively choose not to have existed. Unless it was some sort of Back to the Future type thing and I can't play a guitar to ensure that my parents kiss for the first time and eventually have sex (which I'd rather not think about). Also, not existing sounds lame and boring.

Unless I had god-like superpowers I could not exist forever. At some point the Earth and the Sun will cease to exist leaving me nowhere to sit unless I could travel through space and find someplace else to sit that was reasonably comfortable. Also I'd eventually die of boredom and/or when the universe eventually collapsed.

The question want what you would choose it was what would you rather.


I can see where we get a reputation for failing to welcome newcomers. BUT to be fair, we do get a lot of dumb questions.


Geebus, those are the only choices? PASS!

Exactly lol




Your bs Is already tiresome.


Suggestions: maybe you should post and comment questions to others' instead of trying to dazzle us with your brilliance.

I don't want to be guilty of picking on a newbie, but this is a lousy poll. It's a suggestive push poll. It's like he's asking you 'did you stop beating your wife?' Polls should be objective or else they are jaded.

@barjoe Ok, I'm guilty sometimes too. But this... smh

The question was a joke


Poll doesn't make sense. I'm already here and I won't exist forever. I'm glad I'm here but I'm not delusional and I don't fantasize about immorality.

Your response is appreciated but I was simply pointing out the horror of immortality promised by so many beliefs

@Albronem I understand. I always thought that a poll was meant to find out how people felt about a specific point, not to point out horrors. That's just my opinion and one of my pet peeves about polls on here. Nothing personal. Welcome to and thank you for contributing with your poll.


Are those my only two choices? Can't I live with the bittersweet awareness of my own and everything else's mortality, savoring life all the more in the knowledge that it must end?

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