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LINK Christopher Hitchens Destroys the Logic of the Bible : atheism

R/atheism post featuring Christopher Hitchens YouTube video

Hages 7 Jan 4

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It's all about emotions. I remember the time i was "Saved". I was the teenage boy of an alcoholic and a carping mom. I didn't know the right thing but i knew what i saw in my parents was not it.

So i went to church hoping to experience something. The preacher rambled on about getting saved and if i didn't obey that i would go to hell. Then he tells about a young boy that didn't make the decision and died in a car wreck on the way home and talked about how miserable and painful hell was. As a young boy, i respected the elders opinion and thought they were right. All i knew was that i was scared to death and didn't want to go to hell and didn't want to make god mad by not getting saved right then and there.

The older i grew the more i thought about that experience and was it really god speaking to me or did the preacher manipulate me into scaring me into doing something.

Several years ago, I started studying hypnosis and the brain. I was amazed at how i could change someone outlook or habit through hypnosis. Then one day it hit me. Religion is basically self hypnosis. We convince ourselves into believing something that is not true but because we believe it it becomes real to us.


Truly brilliant human being!


Logic and Bible in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

@Hages it may have seemed sound...but not by any measure could it have ever have been considered to contain any logic.

@Hages, @Marionville no mass slaughters, no walls of jericho, etc, as any contemporary reader would have understood immediately

@Hages so, now that we've got that out of the way, maybe we can start to examine what it is really saying? Einstein himself noted that logic will only get you so far eh

@Hages or--since obviously ppl worship many diff things, money, etc--how might you develop a syntax to describe them, that will work across centuries?


truly miss him


pls lol, i would shred this, but your mind is made up anyway i guess right

Do it.

@Mvtt i don't bc he is not attacking the Bible anyway, but believers. So i mostly agree, from that perspective at least; Hitch is just agreeing with the Bible anyway


Hichens at his best was very good, it always pays to listen to someone, even when you know, and perhaps especially when you know that you don't agree with everything they stand for.


I for one do not need anyone else to explain to me the "logic of the Bible".

Especially when there is no logic.

@Hages CH was wise in his own eyes too, and thus would not have been qualified to open a Bible wadr. You do realize that being mad at Yah does not an atheist make eh

@Hages well wadr it makes a pretty handy concept that imo cannot as easily be explained away, even if im not buying the ancient white guy with a beard either

@Hages "Christopher Hitchens DESTROYS the Bible with FACTS and LOGIC."
so, more properly said, he does not even approach the Bible, except from the believer's ("deceived" ) perspective; the literal one

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