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What's up with reality?

Why is it that ppl need to escape reality instead of just living?

Cornbread 3 Apr 13

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Many people live stressful lives, a little escapism is rejuvenating.
Sometimes reality is fucking horrible. Molested and abuse children, an abused and/or cheated on Spouse. Or maybe someone pounded by misinterpretations of religious scriptures.
Plenty of reasons I suppose.


Don't know. I usually try to stay away from it. I'm more comfortable in a book or on the computer.


Reality is complicated, ever changing and often unpleasant. So,many peopel choose a stable fantasy such as religion, because it is simple, doesn't chane (ate least not noticeably over theri lifetime), and the fantasy is much more pleasant than actual realities.

cava Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

Because its a scary unfair world.


It depends on ones reality. If you are Syrian right now your reality sucks. If your battling a fatal disease your reality sucks. I could keep going, but l think you get my drift.


People aren't /can't make the lives they want. Our society has put far too much pressure on everyone. People need an outlet.


Should I just decide what you mean by that?


One can create their own reality to suit their needs. Of course, not the best way to approach life. IMHO


IDK? Like daydreaming?

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