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Who believes Tara Reade raped with Joe Biden fingers in her vagina ?

This happened whe she was a young lawyer working in Senator BidenS office late at night in hallway

Did Biden rape Tara Reade ?

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Larry68Feminist 7 Jan 9

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Tara Reade is a known LIAR. She's change her Biden story several times. Numerous acquaintances said they had been conned out of money by her. She also claimed to have a degree from Antioch University, which the school desputes. Sounds like an upstanding citizen to me. NOT!

BTW, Don't get angry at me for telling the truth that Tara Reade is a known liar. MOST women are to be believed when they say they've been assaulted. I've been there myself, but not ALL allegations are true. When someone has proven themselves to be untrustworthy, and constantly changes their story, how can we think they're credible? It's like the little boy who cried wolf...


Now that Biden's been elected, it is a moot point, like it or not.

Loss of income, pain&suffering, civil rights violations, defamation of Tara Reade character and transmission of BidenS filthy HPV / finger germs to a human cervix are NEVER moot points.... only the comparison of character/fitness for PRESIDENCY between WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US TrumpOLINI and racist rapist BidenS COULD be considered moot 2day


Someone is butthurt over the election. Should we start the term BDS (Biden Derangement Syndrome)?


Larry, . . . really ? Were you there?

National television interview of Tara Reade is UNforgettable..... she gave every detail of her job that day her plans for her date with a man her age and how the DRUNKEN SENATOR WITH HIS FINGERs in her vagina pinned body against the wall China Joe Biden demanding in her ear "we can go to a motel right now".... why are Atheists here ignoring a victim and questioning me ???? If I posted how a rapist priest molested my brother I predict empathic rational responses BUT blue party obsessions don't give a shit for Green Party truth tellers ONLY blue party demonRATs LIES are wanted posted here

Have you also read the articles where staffers had no knowledge of this happening, and one person said she was lying. Just saying sounds like she say, she say. No evidence.

@ThinkingFree do you attack Dr Christine Blasey Ford along with all of her attackers ? Over half of all rapes go unreported for this reason of local betrayals and victim blamers like you are doing right now

Why are demonRAT females here opposing Feminist Atheism ? I am astonished at the hypocrisy and support for rapists here....he was DRUNK smelling of booze all over Tara Reade THAT IS NEVER AN EXCUSE


Why is it any of YOUR business?

Why are you desperately insane to avoid real news of the gangsters in Congress and White House and courts ?

@annwimsey Kavanaugh raped Christine Blasey 15 when he was 17 you believe her but not Tara Reade because of extreme false political BIAS


TrumpOLINI pay$ his sex abuse victims China Joe didn't

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