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Bad new ag's and ath's! There just may be a god! Trump was served up a fresh batch of impeach today! Mmmm mmm good! Lets pray (i kid)!

Stilltrying1964 7 Jan 13

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As an 'ag,' there may be a system of reward and punishment after all, 'god' or 'no god,' sometimes deferred, sometimes immediate. Hitler lasted about 12 years....what does that tell you? Maybe that Instant Karma can be a bitch? (If there is such a thing ). Jus' sayin...'
Btw, ags take a neutral view about Natural Law and the question if there is such a thing as 'good' and 'evil'...maybe it's just a propaganda problem: Democrats believe in the free marketplace of ideas, which is a noble ideal; Republicans believe in slash and burn, brainwashing and indoctrination, because the people who control them do---the super-rich.
Or something like that.
I don't delude myself Trump is, or ever was, the problem.


Actually God and Trump share many of the same personality traits.


If there was a God, Trump would've never gotten elected.

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