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LINK US supreme court reinstates restrictions on abortion pill | Abortion | The Guardian

And so it begins. A 6 to 3 ruling.

(I'm not sure if this is that bad, needing a prescription at least isn't a total ban of the option. What is awful is the Planned Parenthood defunding which means millions of women have no Dr. that can prescribe.)


SeaGreenEyez 9 Jan 13

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Goddammit when will these controlling a**holes just leave women alone. If men could get pregnant this would never have been an issue!


Religious fanatic pharmacists are allowed to REFUSE FILLING ALL women prescriptions if the faith criminal feels such violate their preachers LIES

So ovarian cyst pills endometriosis pills vulvadynia pills are sex pills prohibited by preachers who would rather women DIE than get their pills


Anyone who believes what Roberts said is naive or stupid.

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