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LINK Capital Hill Gang Funded By Trump Campaign With $2.7 Million

This won't bode well for Trump's impeachment trial. Even if he gets "acquitted" the public will hear witnesses and evidence and can't call it a witch hunt.

barjoe 9 Jan 22

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Well that sounds very bad. But did they give instructions to storm it? THAT is the key Q.

Trump did this. He owns it. He failed but Donald Trump is a Nazi and this was his Pitsch. He tried to coerce the Secretary of State in Georgia to steal 11K votes, they were stupid not to write an article of impeachment for that as well. He made changes at DOD and DOJ to try to aid this coup d'etat attempt. He's guilty as fuck and if he doesn't get convicted it's only because all the Republicans are fucking pieces of shit.

@barjoe Well let's hope you have equal concern for the seditious acts that left a trail of death and destruction throughout the nation.

@Flowerwall I don't think people should riot, loot and commit arson, but police shouldn't be so quick to shoot and strangle black people. It's funny some people on the right only support the police when they're killing blacks. When Capitol PD wants to preserve democracy, you're okay with toothless white people murdering them.

@barjoe I'm not okay with anyone getting murdered. I have a HUGE problem with that in fact. I hope you yourself don't support seditious acts that include physical and psycological violence against individuals, communities and the nation that is perpetrated on the backs of genuinely concerned people working for a good cause and experiencing greif, the peaceful protestors. You don't support people doing that do you? The mayheim that ensued was beyond belief. People begging others please, NOT to engage in violence. Calls go unanswered. People have been traumatized by the violence! The people in cities the most! I am NOT okay with these ppl being further traumatized. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

You are someone that drump knew would invent excuses for him if he "shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue", aincha?

@AnneWimsey Sure I understand. Noone is allowed to hold an opinion that differs from yours.

@Flowerwall did i say you cannot hold any opinion whatsoever? Where? When?
I however reserve My right to tell you what things look like to me....

@AnneWimsey No, but your false accusation " invent excuses for him if he "shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue", aincha?" is an attempt to discredit me for calling out the concerted destruction that too often was directed at minority communities. But let's have everyone keep calling RACIST. I will bet if you average out who bore the biggest brunt of the violence, it was minorities! How does that help? But no, go focus on the Capitol. Put your concern where it's most important.

@Flowerwall Whataboutism is a last resort of a feeble mind. I already said I oppose looting and arson, even though it wasn't the point of this post. Can you admit that Trump lost the election and then tried numerous illegal mean overturn it up to and including violent insurrection? I'm sure you'll just give me another shameful whataboutism about evidence and Dominion and the Kraken and other moronic nonsense like that.

@barjoe You should worry less about word games and worry more about the real effects on people in communities. "Whataboutism" , not a term I use or care to understand is not the point. It's the people. To be concerned about the Capitol and not communities, is so one sided abd obviously politically motivated I can't believe people even have the nerve to attempt it and still pretend to care. It's shocking.

The election results are what they are. He either won or lost. Hearing the most recent claims made by the UN with regard to the leader in Venezuela, and having read other characterizations I believe Mr. Delfino should have been given much more attention in his mathematical approach to the possibility of election fraud. In fact, if the mathematically minded were organized they could actually do on the ground analysis and create an educated conclusion now present day.

@Flowerwall You just propagated a blatant lie. Venezuela? Go soak your head. You are worse than those imbeciles that stormed the Capitol.

@barjoe Sure Venezuela has been methodically plunged into deep poverty and UN has made serious accusations against leader's regime, but, never-you-mind! Prof. Delfino has created mathemarical studies of THEIR elections and OURS. Look it up. Or soak your head in sand. Your choice.

@Flowerwall This is total bullshit []

@barjoe So what do you know about Prof. Delfino? Or are you just expressing a blatant bias? An uneducated, mischaracterization of a Prof.who likely called it EXACTLY like it was years ago?

@Flowerwall I know that he challenged a recall of Hugo Chavez 17 years ago. I know that he's a right winger but I have no evidence that his findings in 2004 were self serving. The fact that he challenges this election makes me question those findings back then. 2020 election results were in line with voter registration and voter turnout. The pre election polls were close to the final outcome, Trump actually did slightly better than anticipated. That being said, he lost. Whatever Delfino said, there is no evidence, let alone proof of fraud. Trump lost Michigan by a lot and underperformed other Republicans down ballot. You think they only fixed the top of the ballot? That's either flat out stupidity or wishful thinking. What do you know about professor Delfino? Do you even know his first name. You are just a parrot. You regurgitate bullshit you get off right wing websites. I'm sure if you had lived 80 years ago in Germany, you would've proudly worn a brown shirt and so would Dr Delfino.

@barjoe "Whatever Delfino said, there is no evidence, let alone proof of fraud." So you admit you DON'T know what he said, but you call it "bullshit" anyway. Okay I'm classifing this under blatant bias. Good day!

@Flowerwall You want me to quote him? He's a demagogue, just like you. I actually did read his testimony. I don't care if you classify it as blatant bias. Biden won Michigan. He won Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well. BTW, his name is Gustavo. He was fired by UM Ann Arbor. Don't worry, Parler will be back up and running soon. Don't forget to go to church tomorrow. Wear a mask.

@barjoe If you are truly concerned about the well being of people please read. []

I only learned of this recently and do not know what further decisions or defense has been provided by the other side.

Why was he fired by UM? Was it because he was an independent thinker, not a mindless Left sheep? I don't know the details. Please tell, but only if you can do so in a factual, unbiased manner.

@Flowerwall Who said I care about the well-being of people? I'm not a big fan of the UN. The subject of this post is that Donald Trump is fucked and committed even more crimes in his final days than we thought. I don't care care about your buddy Gustavo. A typical South American fascist.

@barjoe Oh okay, "Who said I care about the well-being of people?" Said it ALL right there.

"I'm not a big fan of the UN. " So you would prefer NO investigation. It's all copacetic?

Good day!

@Flowerwall Don't put words in my mouth you low level troglodyte. I don't support the United Nations and I don't care that much about Venezuela. I live here. We have enough troubles in the United States because of people like you. Have a shitty day!

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