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LINK Marjorie Taylor Greene’s space laser and the age-old problem of blaming the Jews - Vox

(Greene make Michelle Bachman seem just mildly disturbed)

Why conspiracy theorists always end up pointing the finger at Jews — and why that’s a problem for the GOP.

snytiger6 9 Feb 1

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Good get rid of her


Yet right wingers love Israel. The country with free abortion and universal Health Care that receives billions in US grants and loans.


This had been going on since the Third Century when they invented Christianity.

Christianity 'broke off" from the Jews. They WERE Jews. Buncha morons think they invented god?

@K9Kohle789 1st century were supposedly Jews. Christianity was contrived in the 3rd century not by Jews but by Titus Flavius a Roman Emperor. The writings of the Gospel were bastardized from the writings of Josephus who was a turncoat Hebrew General. Third Century Xtians started murdering Jews. 7th century they started murdering Muslims. Civilization is still paying for that.

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