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POLL Mitch McConnell says congresswoman's 'loony lies' are 'a cancer' for Republicans | Republicans | The Guardian

What do you think will happen to Marjorie Taylor Greene?

What's likely to happen to MTG?

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JohnSchindler 7 Feb 1

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Okay, so MTG lost both of her committee seats, she is still in office, but she has no power, which is much better than I (and most people here) thought, so thank you all for taking part!


They should remove her as obstructionist Fascist who only seeks power over those who do not want her or her kind in power!!

These Obstructionist republican fascists do nothing if the people are white, if it were a person of color they would censor them in a Fascist minute!!!


Will be interesting to see what happens


Her opposite AOC tells it like it is and I'm sure the Rethuglicons want her gone why not suffer the indignities of MTG? Counteract. She is the epitome of all the basest people that love Donnie.


She was voted in by the people in her district.
That’s Democracy.
Remove her from that committee and never appoint her to another.
Give her ONE stern warning that she is to never threaten violence while in congress, and if she does kick her out.
If she were liberal and if Republicans could they absolutely would kick her out without notification, but we’re better than that.
Besides she isn’t an aberration in he Republican Party, her views are pretty normal for Republicans, just talk to them.
She’s like Trump, she isn’t the sickness she’s the symptom. Republicans like Mitch will lie and try to convince us that they’re moral humans, but they’re not.

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