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LINK Biden Bars Trump From Receiving Intelligence Briefings, Citing ‘Erratic Behavior’

Mr. Biden said there was “no need” for former President Donald J. Trump to get the briefings, traditionally given to ex-presidents as a courtesy and to keep them informed if their advice is needed.

(This is a good thing because Trump has more than $400,000,000 in loans coming due, and he might sell information to get the money to hold his creditors (Russian oligarchs) at bay)

snytiger6 9 Feb 6

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Providing Orange Stupid with intelligence briefings is a waste of time anyhow. He has been resistant to intelligence since before he flunked kindergarten!


"IF [his] advice is needed" ROFLMAO!! On what planet?


Trump refused to include his transition team into briefings before the inauguration, something done by every other leaving president. I’m guessing he had his clean up team shredding overtime. And Trump rarely paid attention to intelligence briefings anyway, he got all his information from Fox News and Shaun Hannity. Why waste workers time now?


I would not think that is Biden's job. All that needs to be done is reassess Trump's security clearance and downgrade it as he is now a civilian. A no brainer downgrading it but not Biden's role I would have thought ie he's playing politics by even mentioning it.


So nobody in this country wants to buy Trump's crap to pay his bills.

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