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Just a really great and truly wonderful Belly Laugh ( nearly peed my pants while hearing as well btw).
Sandie's now Ex tried to get a bit of the Sympathy Vote from his fellow work-mates while on duty in his capacity as Assistant Store-person at the local Mine last night.
According to the Head Store-person, Christina, he related the entire episode to anyone who may listen, INCLUDING HIS conclusion that the female baby " Could NOT be his since Sandie had had sex with the Devil and that caused the deformity."
Mine Workers around here are often as rough as guts, hard workers, no nonsense people and do NOT suffer fools all that easily.
According to Christina, word spread like wild-fire from the Surface Workings, the Offices and all the way to crews working deep underground within 20 or so minutes.
For about the next 3 hours and more he was the brunt of jokes, jibes, ridicule and quite a number of sarcastic comments as well as requests from workers for things such as Extra large Nubbins ( a colloquial term for a Clitoris), Centre folds from Girlie Mags, being stuck up everywhere he went, on his locker as well PLUS a number of the Female Miners DRAWING him depictions of Female Genitals with very great and explicit details, a copy of the Karma Sutra, some donations of Pubic hair PLUS a typed letter signed by Satan saying, " Sorry you missed out, maybe next time we can have a Threesome."
At approx. 11.00pm last night he literally begged to sent to the Ambulance Room so as he MAY be allowed to go home claiming he had suddenly "fallen ill" with a stomach upset but was checked out the First Aid Officer on duty and found to 100% Fit for work and was sent back to work instead.
I'm kind of guessing that he'll be requesting a transfer to the Day Shift in the next day or so BUT it won't do him much good either since by now the Day Shift would be only too well aware of it all as well by now.
Thanks to the Magistrate issuing him with a Restraining Order he can't contact Sandie and the kids to vent at them either so the ONLY place/people he can now turn to will be his fellow Salvos, serves him right imo.

Triphid 9 Feb 10

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I too want to live in a world where Karma shows up on time!

Around where I live 'Karma' seems to always wear the guise of local miners, especially the old timer miners.


Oh, that is HILARIOUS! And I am so pleased for Sandie (and Rusty).


Just got off the phone with Sandie.
She has heard of the 'events' of last night and told me that she was laughing so much she needed to change her knickers ( actually peed them) twice.


And he brought it all on himself....wudduh guy.

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