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LINK An amazing dad needed a good swimsuit for his trans daughter. So he invented it himself. / LGBTQ Nation

(This is an example of unconditional love for one's child.)

When Jamie Alexander and his transgender 11-year-old daughter Ruby planned to visit a beach in Panama last year, he worried she might be hurt if her swimwear showed a bulge in its bikini bottom.

After researching online, he found that other parents of trans girls had the same problem.

Even though he had no previous experience in fashion, he began developing a new line of swimwear bottoms for trans girls featuring smoothing compression technology to hide their genitalia. He recently unveiled the result, and he named it after his daughter.

The company is called Rubies and its slogan is “Every Girl Deserves to Shine.”

snytiger6 9 Feb 11

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How does an 11 year old know for sure that they're transgender?

Here is an article form a parent of a transgender child. []

@snytiger6 I'm aware. I've read about Dwayne Wade's and Gabriella Union's daughter. I still think children need time to make decisions about there future. Parents should not encourage nor discourage theses things. In this case we're talking about a 4 year old girl. I'm a ally but I'm have a different opinion.

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