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While I find much in this essay that I don’t agree with, or in fact find troubling, it is worth a read. History is generally learned from a one sided perspective. As it says in this essay, points of view and action are told from a command point of view, or from whichever side of history you were born into (much like religions). I find it interesting to read books and stories from time to time, from “the other side.” Either as part of a book (the German as well as the Russian views of the battle of Berlin), or the diaries of a Russian front line journalist reporting from the battles that pushed the German army from Russian soil. Right now I am reading a book written by a French/German soldier, 17 years old when he was sent to the Eastern front in 1942. War is hell, no matter which side you are fighting for. And the foot soldiers are simply cannon fodder for the politicians who’s decisions are often based on personal issues rather than the good of their country. Anyway, this short essay is a small bit of history from a long and deadly war, but an interesting read.


Barnie2years 8 Feb 23

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War is hell for many, but adrenaline or testosterone blinds them.

My father had a Union army cavalry{?} sword like the one pictured. It went to my brother, who married before I did. His son, a retired MD in Florida, now has it.

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