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This is the Republican strategy, if you can't win, cheat: Restrict voter rights.

Republicans Are Taking a Sledgehammer to Voting Rights

“Republicans have made opposing voting rights the central tenet of their party,”

"The GOP has now put forth bills in 43 states that would dramatically restrict access to the ballot, according to a Brennan Center analysis; in places like Georgia, with Republican-controlled state governments, anti-democracy lawmakers are succeeding. And on Tuesday, the franchise will face perhaps its biggest test in decades when the conservative Supreme Court considers a pair of Arizona laws that could open the floodgates for even more racist voting restrictions."


Get out and vote, inform and help others to vote. The Republicans know that if the people vote, they will lose.

nogod4me 7 Mar 3

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They have known for a long time, now, that without cheating they are piss down the drain.

They are un-American and disgusting.


Georgia House Approves New Restrictions As GOP War On Voting Rights Intensifies



What kind of people are willing to cheat to win?

Perhaps one of the cons on this website that never provide evidence to support their factual allegations would like to explain how they justify cheating.

This statement says it all:

"At the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday an attorney for the Republican National Committee admitted GOP candidates need voter suppression laws, especially those that target minority voters, to win."



It's all that they have at the moment because of who they are.

Racism is unpopular to talk about openly these days and selfishness only goes so far to sell -- it limits its own window.

I can only dream that we're seeing the throes of a dead end path. I saw an article recently about how much the Republican Party is giving off the same feelings as the late 1970s Soviet Union before it collapsed through the 1980s.

I know this is wishful thinking, but I'd love to see the Republican Party collapse too.

Yes, they have nothing else but to continue to push lies.

A lot of people get sold by the 'I hate taxes' line so they knee-jerk vote against 'tax and sped' liberal Democrats. 🙁

But again, that line only goes so far -- eventually competence(or a lack thereof) shows up.
As when Texas got unlucky recently. Their unregulated power grid and homes didn't survive an unusual storm.
Now they get to pay. The only questions will be 1) How much? and 2) Will it be the right people who end up footing the bill?

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