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LINK Commentary: QAnon, the Holocaust and the deadly power of conspiracy theories

The nazis killed over 12 million statistics. 6 million were Judaics. 6 more million were not. How this happens needs to be countered by non cultists. & it needs to be shared in venues other than that of our Judaic compatriots. Fear induces hate. Hate induces violence. Violence solves nothing.

Mooolah 8 Mar 3

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Of course, all would be tyrants need a boogie man on which to focus fear, that can in one swift stroke be turned to anger and then hate.

"Violence solves nothing." a dangerous myth

“Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor...
Liberty is never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it always vanishes.
― Robert A. Heinlein

I do not agree with Heinlan. Grok? Violence postpones. We are attempting to evolve the species to not resort to violence. That we may solve our differences at the ballot box & not the battlefield. Eternal vigilance is required. Not eternal violence.

@Mooolah Well you can look at the violent conqueror with all vigilance that you like, and then you can die secure in th knowledge that you are the most self righteous corpse in the cemetery.

@LenHazell53 I am not advocating for turning the other cheek. I am advocating for vigilance in deterring threats to democracy, especially ours. If violence is called for then the police might have opened fire on January 6th. Vigilance was absent. Or ignored as I suspect....intentionally. 'Ya gotta see it coming in order to defend against. But knee jerk violence as a solution is ugly & uneveolved.

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