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LINK After Wrongly Predicting Trump’s Second Term, a “Prophet” is Ending His Ministry | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Pastor Jeremiah Johnson, a self-described “prophet” who said over the past year that Dr. Anthony Fauci was a “big rat” sent by Satan to thwart Donald Trump and that COVID is a “demonic attack” against Baby Boomers, and that his prophecies were accurate even when they’re not, is shutting down his ministry.

It comes after his biggest lie of all: that Trump would win re-election.

snytiger6 9 Mar 9

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Profit not Prophet.


"God Himself anointed Donald Trump in 2016 and then removed him from office in 2020 because of his own pride and arrogance."

++++++++++++++++++ Now....that's an interesting observation!

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