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Posing a question. So you're a guy cheating on your wife and you have been doing that for at least 20 yrs of the marriage (college sweethearts) with one or various females and one day the gay son's mate gets a love message sent to him and Mr. Cheater from the new "thing growing on the end of his dick" (entirely my made up pseudonym.)
The gay son tells dad, 'either you tell mom or I will'. Ended the marriage and new thing won't leave him to his own devices since he probably screwed every female on CL. He needs serious baby-sitting.

Did the girlfriend send it intentionally or accidently?

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K9Kohle789 8 Mar 10

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I stopped reading at guy cheating on his wife for 20 years. He deserves to be ratted out and have his ass handed to him on a hotplate.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 11, 2021

Oh I got him good. My dad didn't like him so he bonded with my dads brother and reported every incident of family life to him. My son was an alcoholic, crossed A1A in FL, hit by car. i asked brother specifically not to tell our uncle and he said he was going to anyway. I said do you think you're embarrassing me? He asked are you embarrassed? So that's your intent then? I can embarrass you anytime I want. He said he never did anything to be embarrassed about.
When he cheated I called his wife and said I have news for you about my brother and when I finally told her how many women he screwed I took pleasure knowing I could embarrass him royally. So his balls were handed to him on a silver platter.The joke's on him I still have so much more information that his new thing doesn't know...she will 😉


He shouldn't denied it and told the wife the gay son is a liar.


Who cares? Honestly, I'd be more concerned with his actions than with whether or not his latest fling sent a message intentionally or not.

I care because there will possibly be a time when I'm going to have to meet her and form somewhat of a relationship/or not-she determinedly forced her way into my family. My brother is on my shitlist next to her.
My brother actually brought her to my mom's death bed (COPD)-she never regained consciousness- and I despised the fact I had to have a one sided conversation with my dying mom and an unknown factor was in the room as a listener. His wife showed up and he hid the thing in the hotel room.
She seems from my angle to be a manipulative pushy woman I probably will always refuse to communicate with.
My husbands brother was also married as long as my brother and started meeting women for lunches-one of them opened her shirt in the restaurant and showed him her tits. incredibly he asked her to move in with him-they didn't last as he continued to date other women.
I would prefer knowing if she sent the message intentionally as it would give me more reason to mistrust her.

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