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LINK Jesse Tyler Ferguson is doing everything to raise his child as gay / LGBTQ Nation

Jesse Tyler Ferguson told Ellen DeGeneres that he plans to raise his son as gay… unless he comes out as straight at some point.

The Emmy-winning out actor is best known for his years on the series Modern Family had a child, Beckett, last year with his husband Justin Mikita. And Ellen asked how fatherhood is going for him now that the baby is eight-months-old.

snytiger6 9 Mar 12

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He should raise his son as a son. When that kid reaches adolescence his sexual orientation will manifest itself. The baby is 8 months old!

Exactly! His sexuality is already inside him, but he can't understand it now that he's just 8-MO. It will take years.
How can you raise a kid as gay/straight/other?
You can explain them what sexuality is and how it works, but you can't teach your kids how to be (insert any label here).




If a “gay gene” had been found, CRISPR might have succeeded before Beckett was born.

Wasn’t there something about a certain vitamin level exposure at a certain age of gestation? If so it almost could be engineered. But it’s years since I read that study.

There was a study out of the old USSR that determined stress for the mother in the second trimester can result in a gay child.

As far as gay genes go, those that have been found tend to be meta-genetic switches which get turned on or off while the fetus is developing.

In other words environmental conditions experienced by the mother while pregnant can determine a child's sexual orientation.

So, at some point way back in evolution, it was likely advantageous for species survival. I am talking way way back when the animal we evolved from reproduced rapidly, and food shortages, which caused stress resulted in gay animals, which wouldn't reproduce and cause a greater food shortage with increased populations.


It's a F*****G INSTINCT! Why don't people get it?

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