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How many men on this sight are MGTOW .

factorbelief 6 Apr 15

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I had never heard of this so I looked it up .. this is what came up on Urban Dictionary ... obviously I will take it with a grain a salt due to the site : ) but is the idea the same?
Men Going Their Own Way: Males that choose to control their life on how they see fit and don't take bullshit from women or the corrupt society since both are filled with evil pricks like feminists. Men who also don't give women money because they know that those bitches will abuse them for the cheddar in their wallet. Men who also realize that marriage is a contract that favors women during divorce courts and children custody. Men that have knowledge of the toxicness of female nature.

Perhaps they could join a monistary ? Seems odd , they'd be on a dating site .

@Cast1es I'm leaning towards that too ... I was looking for some clarification .. I don't want to assume or judge if I don't have all the information

That is exactly what it is.

there is a lot on utube. No not join a monastery. Just go do what you won't to do.Live your life the way you won't to live it. Just be free of all the drama that comes with a relationship

Thanks for looking it up. I just found out about the acronym myself. But I know many men that are that way. I have been that way for a very long time,and I am happy.

@factorbelief thank you for clearing that up : )

@factorbelief want to live ?

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