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The tactics of the current Republican party are designed to destroy the nation should social conservatives be treated equally by institutions.

Resiliency & Equality demand the active discrimination of inequality and oppression of oppressors.

Should we criminalize anti-democracy tactics of the GOP

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domos 6 Mar 13

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I keep running into people who say we should be sympathetic and bring them along. The problem is that they don't want to come along... They don't want to cooperate. They only want to obstruct us. And they want the rest of us to believe the nonsense they don't even believe themselves. They don't have modern enlightened values and they don't want them. They want to go back to the good ole days of Hitler's Germany or the Inquisition.

"Inquisition" sad but hilariously substantiated!!


Republicans are the party of fascism.

36 days it took Biden to order a strike, this time Syria. Was it because the US was under imminent threat? No. It was to send a clear message to Iran apparently.
The system is what is fascist and for non US people it does not matter which party is in office. The Pentagon runs things.
Gee your country is polarised, getting scary domestically. This post calling for the oppression of oppressors, lumping all GOP voters in the same basket and attempting to police thought. Calling for active discrimination of inequality..........Wow.

@powder You don't know what you're talking about. Blame America first. If you don't know that Trump and his party are fascist, you're either naive or you support him. That airstrike was warranted. Trump and his support for Russian policy in Syria is the reason Biden had to act. That's what we have a military for. It was a quick hit and an exit. Perfect response.

@barjoe America's back! Diplomacy is back!
US and Turkish forces occupy Syria uninvited, occupying the same area as the remnants of daesh (+ oil fields), with the US happy for the Turks to attempt to clean up remnants of former US allies, the Kurds. Israel is also active in Syria. Russia and Hammas forces are there invited by the Syrian government to fight daesh. If the US and Turkey weren't there, probably would have gone home already.
Iran has always been the prize, also former allies before their revolution removing the totally corrupt Shah.

@powder Hezbollah not Hammas. Erdogan is an ally of Trump not the United States. He's a fascist. The Shah was corrupt but a far cry better than Ayatollah and Revolutionary Guard. Iran is not a prize, they are savage animals.

@powder "police thought"... All laws, regulations, traditions, and norms police thought... This is no different.

unless you can prove that your definition of thought is the only valid form of thought... the superior concept of thought by which all others must be judged....

Your underdeveloped and over simplistic arguments are pretty self-limiting.

@barjoe my bad. Hezbollah..........and Iranians are savage animals and bombing nations you are not at war with is justified. And it's only the GOP which are fascist so they should be discriminated against.

@powder In the United States the 21st century Republican party is a fascist entity. Some Republicans inherit their party, some are of privilege, some are misguided, most are fascists and racists. The law doesn't discriminate against them. I DO! My choice.

@barjoe and calling a whole nationality "savage animals" is not racist and cheering the use of force in third nations to send a "strong message" to another nation (Did you also cheer the Iranian generals assassination?) is not fascist. Got it!
Good luck with your pogroms against the GOP.

@powder I don't advocate pograms against Republicans. Soliemani's execution was one of the few good things Donald Trump did. So yes. I cheered.

@barjoe You applaud a war crime then, a murder which ignored all international norms and laws. Would love to confirm this by way of legal proceedings but as the US does not support war crime investigations on itself or allies, sanctioning investigators and judges.
When the only thing anti Trumper's applaud about his presidency is this act of aggression.............Bizzare.

@powder I don't view it as a war crime. Are you planning a vacation to Iran anytime soon? I wouldn't suggest it.

@barjoe I'd be going there before an Arab nation. So a nation ordering the death of a foreigner without due process and in a third country using military weaponry is not viewed as a war crime. I'll remember that when another country targets US military leaders in foreign countries when there is no declared war going on. Perhaps I'll even cheer (just jokes, I'm not that sick)

@barjoe powder is using a deliberate tactic of alt-right pop up agenda by deflecting the conversation into a context that is not directly related to the subject matter.

You were being let down the path of increasingly more extreme statements about a relatively unfamiliar subject in order to frame a false equivalency between the original substance of the post and the position of powder... Despite the lack of relevance or substance.

This is a well-known tactic of alt-right / extremist propaganda. Don't play into it.

@domos He's misinformed. He follows an Anti-American agenda, Russian influence RT and Tass. He thinks he has a left wing agenda. He's misguided.

@domos and @barjoe, sorry guys but when murders sanctioned by governments occur and are applauded by some, don't give a fuck what country does it, I will condemn. If that makes me misinformed and or misguided, then I can live with that.
The original post was about justifying discrimination against those who support an ideological political position, which I see as fascist. The comment I responded to is the great irony as fascist tactics are being promoted to deal with fascists. Then I mentioned the system is what is fascist realistically, endless war supported by both parties. Is this system supported by American's? Not all, but some it seems.
PS Fuck I miss the 70's.

@powder America, Russia, China, have to maintain a military presence. You may not agree with US foreign policy, America has maintained a democracy, no thanks to the GOP. Fascism is totalitarianism within the state. Myanmar has sadly turned to fascism. Russia, China, Turkey, Iran among others are fascist states. India is getting close, Trump almost had the United States there, and we're not out of the weeds yet.

@barjoe the whole world has swung right, becoming more authoritarian. Myanmar is military dictatorship/ takeover rather than fascist. Yes countries need a military, but for defence of their sovereignty only. Defence forces. UN forces was the best option but that authority has been severely undermined, ignored.
China is just going to buy the world. Russia, by legacy of the USSR, has nukes. Scary, thus it justifies NATO's existence does it not?
There are many nut job "fascist" countries you didn't mention Saudi Arabia, Israel, Nth Korea. Australia is very right wing and authoritarian, rules for everything for "safety and security". Military industry is such a waste of resources. Unfortunately, the main culprits are my "people" so to speak, my own country and yours.

@powder Again. You might not support Israel's military policy. It's a democracy. To compare it to Saudi Arabia what women aren't allowed to even drive or PDRK which is the most authoritarian state on the planet, that's just flat out wrong. Australia is a democracy so you don't know Jack Shit. You keep talking smack. You prove my point that you are Anti-American and probably a bit antisemitic. Don't give me any of your self righteous indignation. This is all obvious to me.

@barjoe you understand this post was about discriminating against a group? Bit like denying a certain group the right to drive? That is what this kind of talk can lead to.
Being a good agnostic/ atheist I think all theist nations are fucked in the head, including the Jewish state (and everyone has no doubt which "democracy" I am talking about when I say "Jewish state" ). This includes Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc and most definitely the Vatican. Luckily there is no Christian state to complete the Abrahamic 3 stooges rock show.
Like I said, military for defence is justifiable. To use that military for international political gain and intimidation I don't agree with.
Australia's problem is our blind support for everything USA. This enables this behaviour. Every single new "coalition of the willing" and we are the first to jump up, "PIck me!!!". Every UN vote where the US is isolated we either abstain or support the US. This relationship is seen as a strong alliance. But a true blue friend tells their mates to pull their head in when needed.
I'm not talking individual people here, talking broad political directions of nations.
Look at it this way: If there was a vote asking should foreign militaries be allowed to build permanent bases on (your own country)'s soil? How would my peers, Australian's respond? Guessing a resounding no, as would every other country I dare say. This means I don't support other countries doing it either, leads to proxy wars. Called empathy.

@powder is correct this post is about discriminating against a certain group.

In the same way we discriminate and oppress murderers, rapist, thieves and other destructive elements of society.

This post is advocating for the discrimination of those who literally seek to subvert viability / stability in the United States Constitution... the literal enemy within.

The political tactics of the Republican party are in substance no different than what the CIA did to destabilize other countries from within.

What choice is there but to discriminate against such threats to the well-being of the country?

@barjoe And I agree that this is necessary. And self-inflicted by the GOP themselves. By demanding Jim Crow era policies and in effect continuing the first civil war.

@powder you can always vote no on the pool while you "debate"

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