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LINK There's a Bizarre Strategy Behind the GOP Culture Wars & Obstruction

You can tell when Republicans are in trouble: they start throwing gunpowder on the fires of the culture wars.

This week Republicans who control the Michigan State House and Senate passed a law requiring the state to inform recipients of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine that it was developed using fetal stem cells.

As a result, the state health department had to update their website to say: “The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine has been produced by growing the virus in fetal cells during vaccine development and manufacturing. Even though fetal cells are used to grow the vaccine virus, vaccines do not contain these cells or pieces of DNA.”

These folks control both houses of the Michigan legislature, in a state beset by crises ranging from poisoned water to widespread unemployment to the worst fourth-wave of Covid infection in the country as the British variant is ripping through the populace.

Their priority? Making sure everybody knows that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has something to do with abortions.

If they could’ve fit the word “gay” in there, or “guns,” or “bathroom” they would’ve surely done it.

Christianity, they tell us, is under attack! Brown children are invading us and we need to mobilize the entire nation! Vaccines might save our lives, but Tucker has questions!! Dr. Suess is being cancelled so we have to stop everything!!! Trans people actually want to have normal lives; the crisis couldn’t be more existential!!!!...

snytiger6 9 Apr 2

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The world is getting more fucked up by each passing day.


No,it will not reform itself. It lacks the morality to do so. Let's do everything we can to help it to kill itself.

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