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LINK Gay couple that adopted a baby they found in the subway tells their heartwarming story / LGBTQ Nation

Danny Stewart found a baby wrapped in a sweater in the subway. 20 years later, the baby is in college and they're still a happy family.

On August 28, 2000, 32-year-old Danny Stewart was going back home to his partner, Pete Mercurio, in Manhattan when he saw a baby in the subway who had been abandoned.

All three of their lives changed forever when the men adopted the baby, who is now 20-years-old and studying mathematics and computer science at college.

“I did not know that this level of deep love existed in the world until my son came into my life,” Mercurio, now 52, told the BBC about the family he and Stewart formed with young Kevin.

snytiger6 9 Apr 6

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baby=$, seems awful unlikely to find one on a city, guess it happens fairly frequently? i'll be

The story was covered by the media. And they did contact the police at the time.

Here is an earlier account of the story from around 2012, that also has a link to a more full account in the New York Times. []

Unfortunately babies are abandoned in many places, and the child was lucky it wasnt' left in a dumpster.

@snytiger6 yeh im just...severely socially ignorant, asperger's, so i guess im not considering some psychological aspect or whatever of having a baby, but i just assumed everyone knew that newborn healthy babies are worth a lot of money?

@bbyrd009 Well I guess they can be... if you are totally lacking in ethics.

@snytiger6 hmm, the ethics of selling a child for five figures--that an investee would almost surely love and care for, having invested so much--v abandoning the kid to the street or a dumpster? i dunno sny


What a wonderful turn for all three of their lives!

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