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Oh how bright Evangelidiot truly is?
Just informed me that he has purchased an ELECTRIC Lawnmower.
NOT the cordless type btw, BUT one that requires being plugged in to a 240 volt outlet to be used.
His reasoning, IF one can call it that,

  1. " I won't need to carry extra fuel to every job,"
  2. "I won't have to using MY electricity to re- the batteries after each job,"
  3. "They'll be PAYING me to cut their lawns so they can pay for the electricity as well."
    It may be just me here, BUT I'm getting the very distinct impression that this plan of his will be going Arse over Tits before too much longer just like all of his other ones have before.
Triphid 8 Apr 7

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And on it goes........

Yes, and most unfortunately and ever so sadly it does.

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