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LINK In Memoriam: Nawal el Saadawi, 1931-2021 -

"“I have had a dream since I was a child. A very mad dream, but very simple – to change the world,” she once said, adding, “That dream is still alive.”

This is the dream of what she coined as “g/local” justice—a recognition that justice at the local level cannot come about in a world economic system where injustice is built in to the fabric of its ideology. It is a dream that she continued to believe in with all of her passion and integrity till the end—and it made her a vital and exciting force to contend with, a feminist with a true transnational vision of solidarity that she enlisted in her vision and mission for progressive change, to help turn her dream into reality.

A tantalizing force of nature was our Nawal, at once humble and imperious, gentle and fierce, curious and inviting, yet uncompromising on core issues like her dream of justice for all; a social justice warrior who refused to back down from whatever cost the pursuit of such a dream and goal might exact in her personal life."

WilliamCharles 8 Apr 8

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