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No surprise. The conservative think tanks and Moscow Mitch McConnell got the judiciary they dreamed of, we got shafted with a Supreme Court that will allow the religious to continue to infect their communities in the guise of religion.

MizJ 7 Apr 10

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Religion and Fascism seem to chart the same course of attack to gain control, dominion to indenture and enslave us by any means possible!!!


I want a ban on van murals that advertise Christianity and the Church that owns the van.
That way I won’t hate the church people so much when said van cuts me off in traffic three or more times a week. Once they ran me to the curb by not seeing me in the right lane and coming over anyway.
Honestly I’d rather not know who’s terrorizing the streets of California.
Besides, why such a hurry driver of heavenly peace and inner tranquility.
Protestant Christians are such red necks.

Or you could get a satanic church or Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper sticker.


We have an ultra right Supreme Court for decades. The only hope is death of one or more conservative justices. Yes. I said HOPE.

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