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LINK Canadian church shut down, fenced off for violating health orders - The Christian Post

This one does my heart good. If only we had this kind of common sense in the US. Instead we have the supreme court removing restrictions on religious services and putting people at risk.

OldMetalHead 9 Apr 11

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I disagree with the Christain’s about religion but most of them are a lot better people than those on the main forum of this website.

You're going to have be more specific. I've found the majority of people I've interacted with on here to be warm, caring individuals. Myself, I'm ok. I kind of swing between Humanist and Misanthrope.


So here’s the thing...Up here in Canada conservative Christians are a besieged, persecuted minority. (Just ask them, they’ll tell you). Whereas, in the US they’re a besieged, persecuted majority. (Just ask them, they’ll tell you). Does that help clear things up for you? Yeah, me neither.

I just want public safety to be a higher priority than some pastor/priest/iman fleecing his flock.


I was trying to figure out whats going on with this last night. There were some posts about tribal leaders defending their land against the protesters on FB. At first I thought it was a tribal land issue. Not sure how it all ties in.

MsAl Level 8 Apr 12, 2021

Right Wing America would never stand for that.

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