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If America weren't such a corrupt country, where the rich are mostly above the law, Trump's corruption and foreign connections would have been revealed years ago and he discredited or jailed. Look at that worthless 200 million dollar Mueller investigation for example. Pathetic. Predictable.


Huh? Relations with Russia hit new lows under Trump in every respect, including more sanctions, and Trump sold tons of weapons to Ukraine. If he was a Russian asset, Putin got exactly NOTHING from him. Worst buy he ever made.

@Druvius Trump withdrew troops from Germany, he lobbied for Russia to be installed in G8, he weakened NATO, the aid for Ukraine was predicated on Zelensky helping him smear Joe Biden with false info, he gave Russian foreign minister state secrets. He's more than an asset, he's a traitor.

@barjoe LOL, motivated reasoning and cherry picking illustrated. You're giving Trump WAY too much credit, and ignoring my point. Relations with Russia deteriorated under Trump, there was no gain for Putin.

@Druvius That would be incorrect. Stating facts is not cherry picking Putin benefits from reestablishing a quasi cold war. Trump was and still is his puppet. What benefits Russia and what benefits Vladimir Putin are two separate things.


We knew he was an asset, but can the ex-KGB demonstrate evidence?

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