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I've been restricted on Z's worthless platform, again, for 30 days. My crime was hate speech in calling the u$a evil for our tendency to kill people. It was in a post about leaving Afghanistan so being against killing people seemed appropriate to the post but Z's Board had another view. LMAO. u$a just sucks all the way around these days. It's of no wonder to me that so many are killing themselves. My only purpose in posting this is because I know most of you hate FB and Z so I figured you'd get a good laugh this morning.

Facial Book is a rag.

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rainmanjr 7 Apr 14

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The censorship of media like FB and Youtube is out of hand.

BDair Level 7 May 10, 2021

I was in FB for 30days for hate speech cause I called someone a next level of ignorance? Like how is that hate speech and who the fuck is determining what is considered hate speech? Was out less than a week.. And went back into Nazi Face Book jail again for 30 days recently ( I have 24 days left on my sentence) all because I shared a post stating that people died from the covid vaccines... It was a factual post even the CDC admitted it was factual and yet it was deemed covid misinformation and dangerous by fact checkers? I was just sharing it from someone else that had it on their page like WTF... The only thing that stops me from deleting my Facebook Account is the fact I have memories and lots of pictures.. Plus also communicate thru messenger with out of state family and friends..its very frustrating.. And once they have it out for you.. They are constantly watching you... And your fucked

Right. Very much my situation with Z's Rag. I've avoided Twitter because it seemed too chaotic but am learning to like it much better. I'm doing better at letting go of much in this illusion (life) and came to see these online forums as serving different aspects of service to me. Z's Rag will only be to share hiking/travel pictures and Zen Taoist memes, or ideas, and promote my YouTube vid's (though I may even stop that as those who want to watch me already know that I make them and how to access them if they want. If they don't want then I am no longer interested in presenting them with it). Twitter and this place is for news and comments but mostly this place is for spiritual discussions. I have traded militant atheism for that Zen Taosm thing and much happier for it.


I've been blocked by facebook several times. Once was legitimate, and every other time I appealed, and every time I appealed I won.

I always appeal but they don't review it. In this case I broke the curse rule, used "bastards" to describe Americans, so that will probably keep the ruling intact. Truth is that I hate Facebook but deleting my account will probably end the rest of my friendships. I've told them to join me on other platforms, given the links, but they aren't doing that so I have to presume that they don't care. We'll see if that changes if I actually do sign off the Facial Rag. It's my current intention.

@rainmanjr I think my days on Facebook are going to be limited to recipes, stupid jokes and whether or not it's better to use cornstarch or flour to thicken gravy.

I've been on FB since 2009. I have probably spent 2 hours there, total. That site is a cess-pool. 😝😝😝

@Kojaksmom Travel and hiking pic's and Taoist memes are all I'm going to post. I'd delete but some family are only on it. @SeaGreenEyez, I also joined in 2009 but it kept me company after my divorce and during my subsequent travels. I haven't been happy with it for a while but it filled time during this pandemic, too. No more. Like Jackson Browne I'm moving further on.

@rainmanjr I had a time-waster site for forums on Plenty of Fish for a decade. Then bought it and shut down forums. I happened upon this site or I'm not certain where I would waste my time. I tried Twitter but got frustrated with the learning curve. Thankfully there is this site or I'd not have a home online. 😟

@rainmanjr everytime I ever appeal it... They give me more time in jail for complaining


I'm in Facebook jail for calling Americans stupid. What I actually said that's if the European Union lets us stupid Americans in in the first place. The topic of controversy was vaccine passports

You are the wind beneath my wings. Power to us who won't be censored.


FB allowed Trump to say all sorts of raggedy shit about certain Americans and those wanting to become Americans. It makes no sense that you went to jail for speaking truth. #eyeroll

@SeaGreenEyez When he gets his page back I hope millions and millions of never 45'ers post "Loser! Loser! You lost and USA won." Things like that, over and over every day, so that those are the only comments to whatever asinine posts he makes. Don't swear because that sends us to jail.

@rainmanjr I hope he just goes away. I have visceral responses to seeing and/or hearing him and always have. I seriously feel my skin crawl. #shutter

(I worked on one of his bankruptcies years ago while in New Jersey. He's a fucking sleazebag.)


Another open ended subjective poll. What did you say exactly? Just curious. I doubt if it was hate speech

My crime was hate speech in calling the u$a evil for our tendency to kill lots of people. It was in a post about leaving Afghanistan so being against killing people seemed appropriate.

@rainmanjr I think the conservatives on Facebook intentionally reported your post because you don't worship America.

@rainmanjr What's with this "u$a"? You have a right to say whatever you want. It's not hate speech at all. It's just typical Anti-American bullshit.

@barjoe @Kojaksmom (which is a GREAT name so give her a lollipop) and I are in a phase. I can't speak for her but calling it bullshit kind of ignores the facts of the matter. Not "Anti-American" but certainly disgusted by the truth of what we see. Yes, most are well intentioned but 85% insisted on Afghanistan and Iraq so that includes many of those well intentioned. I know how the mobs usually get what they want so disgust is the best I can do.

@rainmanjr The Taliban kills people as well. They did blow up the Towers.

The Taliban did not 'blow up' any towers.

@BDair Taliban are Muslims who harbored Osama bin Laden. The Muslims ran planes into the Towers.

Do you really think a man on kidney dialysis would be treking around the mountains of Tora Bora? Also the Taliban offered to turn OBL over to the US if they could offer any evidence of his culpability. They never did. []

@BDair If a girl was born on the day Guardian piece was written, she'd be eligible to vote in US, drink alcohol in Canada and you could sleep with her legally in every state. Osama Bin Laden took responsibility for this act of radical Islamic terrorism. What entity do you think took down the Trade Center?

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