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Dennise won $46,900 in scholarships so far!

Since 2006, I have been a volunteer college mentor. I help first generation (children of immigrants) write essays for college and scholarship applications.

This school year, I have been mentoring Dennise at her parent's home wearing masks. She was accepted at the prestigious University of Washington! With my help, Dennise has applied for 42 scholarships so far. So far, she won:

  1. Washington Apple Education Foundation: $9,400/year for four years. (She won scholarships from three fruit packing companies totaling $9,400/year).

  2. Washington Opportunity Scholarship: $22,000/year for four years.

  3. University of Washington: $24,000 for her freshman year.

  4. Public Employees Organization: $1,000.

  5. Wenatchee Rotary Foundation: $1,000.

  6. Fisk and Lila Gerhart: $2,400.

  7. Jack and Dede Hill: $1,100.

  8. Everett and Roy Hill Music scholarship: $9,400.

Universities deduct the amount of scholarships students win from financial aid they give the student. This aggravates me to no end.

Dennise will need more than tuition and dorm lodging. She will need: books, school supplies, clothes (warm raincoat, umbrella and boots for Seattle's endless rain), toiletries, laundry, gas to drive across the Cascade Mountains to visit her parents, money to eat out with new friends when she gets tired of dorm food, etc.

"Don't report scholarship checks you get in the mail to UW," I told Dennise. "Save that money for your expenses in college."

Dennise will major in applied math, and minor in music (viola and percussion).

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I am beyond impressed. I hope she stays with her study of Math. Would like to know how she is doing along the way.


She is amazing. Don't let the colleges take her money.


Over 95% of scholarships send their checks to the university.

Previously some students pocketed scholarship checks and did not go to college. Appalling.


That's wonderful! What a good mentor you are, and what a powerhouse Dennise is! You and her family must be so proud of her (and rightly so). Will you continue mentoring her through her college years?

I wish I'd thought of that thing with not reporting the checks when we were applying for my daughters.


Thank you, dear. When the girls I mentor go to college, we stay in touch.

When Tammy was a sophomore, I edited an essay she wrote to apply for the competitive neurology program at the University of Washington. She got in. Tammy is studying to become a neurosurgeon.

In 2018, I took four young women I previously mentored on a day hike in Icicle Gorge. From left:

Tammy, future neurosurgeon, me, Elisabet who is studying to become a pediatrician, and Teresa. In 2020, Teresa and her brother bought their parents their first house.


She is so amazing!






Dennise will major in applied math and minor in music (viola and percussion).

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